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Tips To Prepare For A Home Roof Replacement

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Replacing the roof of a house is a significant investment. It is important to do all in your capacity to prepare adequately. It can be an exciting experience to watch as the roofers rip, tear haul and nail during the process. However, replacing your home roof automatically turns your house to a work zone. Work zones pose some hazards.

Roofers in Elkton, MD prioritize making roof replacement a seamless process. This is why we bring forward important safety precautions to keep in mind when replacing your roof. While the roof replacement is going on and the shingles are flying, we want everyone to be safe, including your pets and properties.

Simple tips to prepare for a roof replacement are:

1. Factor in Pets and Kids

Loud noises from the banging of nails are uncomfortable and create distractions. This is why we recommend staying away from the work zone. Although, if you must watch, remain at a safe distance. Kids generally are curious. Hence, be sure to talk to them about the dangers of the work site. Make sure they keep their distance from the home during repair works. You can send them to neighbors, families or friends.

2. Remove Wall Decorations

If you need repairs to existing decks, you might need to have some machines on your roof. These will cause vibrations which will resonate through your walls. Anything hanging like picture frames, artworks, or any other items should be placed on the floor so they don’t fall and break. Also, all forms of decorations that are not held down by screws should be removed.

3. Cut Grasses and Prune trees before the repair

All tree branches hanging below your roof should be trimmed before the main work begins. Also, plants and grasses in the vicinity of your work site can be protected. However, be sure to get rid of grasses before the repair work starts. They may get damaged so cover them. Cut your grass short too because it makes the cleanup thorough and quick. This is because fallen debris will not be hidden.

4. Remove antennas and Satellite Dish

It is good to remove satellite dishes or antennas located anywhere near your roof. Be sure to get in touch with your cable company to make necessary arrangements before starting work.

Do You Need A New Roof?

If you need to change your roof, it is important to get in touch with experienced roofers. Replacing the roof is a capital intensive project that is best left in capable hands.

To have the best roof replacement service, be sure to get in touch with us at Bayside Roofing. We have skilled and trusted roofing contractors in Elkton that will give you the best results. Call or email us today for a quick consultation.

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